Promotional Culture and the Mere Exposure Effect – COMU3150 Assessment 1 – Nicholas Parris

Promotional Culture and the Mere Exposure Effect


COMU3150 – Assessment 1

Social Media Strategy – Social Media x Promotional Culture x Consumer Conditioning

Name: Nicholas Parris

ID: 47222067

Word Count: 695


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Your Objectives

This video aims to spread awareness of how brands promote their products through brand challenges and filters and how tiktok and other platforms make it so these branded videos are accessed the most by users. The example that will start the video will be the Vogue challenge from 2020 that many users used to create thirst traps and modelling pictures of themselves, effectively advertising the fashion magazine themselves. In doing so, exposing brands that use branded filters and challenges, showing viewers what is happening/opening their eyes to the truth. In the end the video will ask them to think more deeply when they see a filter or challenge trend online and attempt to dissect who is making it, what the makers are trying to do with the content, and if they want to be a part of that advertising campaign. 


Target Audience

The target audience for my Tiktok will be people who are the ages of 13 to 30 who have used filters or participated in challenges in their lives on any social media app. People who are unaware of how they are being used as advertising. Anyone who is of those ages who uses Snapchat, Tiktok, or Instagram. 



The video will be non intrusive visually with minimal visuals and only the talking head of the creator/informant. It will be highly educational and will feature elements that watchers can relate to as well as pieces of information that are relevant to the topic alongside simple visuals that connect with the information shared. This will engage the audience as the formatting of the video is very similar to other types of informative and informational videos, on Tiktok, that look to teach the audience a “fun fact” exposing a piece of information not yet known by watchers, or only known to a small percentage of the target audience. By using this format, watchers will be prepared to learn rather than having the expectation of other kinds of content on Tiktok due to the conditioning experienced while on the app. By speaking the language of the audience and falling into their expectations, there is a higher chance of the informative video attracting and keeping their attention due to past success of other videos with the same formatting. 



The main message that this video is trying to get across is to be wary of brand promotional culture and to make sure you aren’t supporting something that goes against your own ideals and understand how promotional culture works and what it’s trying to do. I want my target audience to look back at the things they have seen or done and evaluate it after having a little more information on what exactly is happening in the background and not just what is seen in the foreground and taken at face value. In doing so, my target audience will hopefully make educated decisions in the future and always question what brands are trying to sell them or get them to do through social media in order to keep themselves and their image safe. 


Evaluation Metrics

The evaluation method will be people who like and share the video to others as the whole goal of this video is to get people to open up their mind to branded filters and spread the information around about them in order for other people to think about their place in promotional culture. 




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