Promotional Culture and the trend of skincare

Promotional Culture within the Skincare Industry


The exhibition video is published as a clear example of the promotional culture embedded within the skincare and beauty industry. With the video focussing on a heavily trending topic, it will aim to achieve likes and views by engaging the target audience. The video will be published on the social media platform TikTok, an algorithm-based app. As TikTok is heavily algorithm focussed, the exhibition video is expected to reach the target audience by appearing on their ‘For You’ page.


Target Audience
The target audience for this exhibition video is young females between 15-30. The target audience is also active on social media platforms, especially TikTok. Studies have found that users are TikTok are highly likely to purchase products that are promoted, discussed, or advertised by other users on the app (Southern, 2022). It has been identified that TikTok, unlike other social media platforms is rapidly altering the traditional way of purchasing products.



To effectively communicate and engage with our target audience we need to reach them organically. As mentioned in the objective, the exhibition video is to appear on the user’s ‘For You’ page. The ‘For You’ page is a complex algorithm that shows shares relevant ‘self-creations’ from other TikTok users (Bhandari, & Bimo, 2022). Appearing organically on the user’s Tiktok page will allow the video to engage with the target audience as according to ‘Valuable Content Marketing: How to Make Quality Content Your Key to Success’ an organic marketing strategy leads to the content being perceived as authentic, pertinent, and useful for viewers, making it more genuine to consumers (Jefferson  & Tanton, 2015). However, appearing organically is not enough. For the tactic to be effective the video needs to offer value and be engaging to the target audience. The video demonstrates its value as its objective is to inspire and educate the target audience which the Forbes Business Council listed as number one in their research into ‘16 Organic Ways To Profitably Advertise’ (Forbes Business Council, 2020). The next step of the tactic is to provide engagement. Research strongly indicates that successful and engaging videos on TikTok are heavily influenced by trends and songs that usually have a short lifetime of several days or weeks (Haenlein, Anadol, Farnsworth, Hugo, Hunichen, & Welte, 2020). The Tactic makes use of TikTok’s Creative Centre to browse the list of songs that are growing at a significant rate within a short time frame. The selected song has been indicated by TikTok to currently be trending and on the rise (TikTok: Creative Centre, 2022).



The aim of the exhibition video is to bring awareness of promotional culture to the target audience. The video will explain the promotional culture and leave the audience to think about whether they’re contributing to this culture or they’re consumers of it. The message will be discussing the culture and how we as consumers are heavily a part of it.


Evaluation metrics

To effectively measure the effectiveness of the video, tools and special analysis will be used. The raw data provided by TikTok will be used to track how many views, likes, comments, shares and duets the video received. The video also contained a unique hashtag. Using a unique hashtag and TikTok creative centre means the number of times the hashtag has been used can also easily be analysed. All this data will then be compared to research into TikTok analytics to measure its success compared to other videos. For example, research suggests that a TikTok video needs to reach 250,000 views to be considered popular/viral (Hughes, 2022). However, research into ‘the uses and shortcomings of social media metrics’ found that raw data is not enough to measure the success of a campaign and can be misleading (Baym, 2013). A strategy to review the effectiveness of the video is to look at the comments on the video and analyse the responses. Looking at all the comments, but more specifically the top comments that have the most likes is an effective way of analysing the general reactions and responses viewers had to the video. Tracking the unique hashtag and duets will also be effective to evaluate the response and effectiveness of the video





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