Promotional Culture in the Modern Society: Do you know you are driven by the promotional culture on social media? – COMU3150 – Hoi Lam Chan [46397128]

Promotional Culture in the Modern Society

Do you know you are driven by the promotional culture on social media?

Do you know we are surrounded by the promotional culture in our every day life? We, the social media users are actually influenced by the KOL/influencers/celebrities in their social media activities, which they help brands to promote their products and branding. Even, the thoughts and cultures also being influenced by them. Do you know how powerful the promotional culture is?

Bloggers would also film their life at home or at work in an aesthetic theme, which has become a big trend on social media now. Sometimes, we are influenced by their living style or products that they are using, even their living routines and thoughts. But, do you know your world is already surrounded by the promotional culture. Influencers are promoting their thoughts to the publics, and you are the consumer to accept their opinions and follow what they do. Brands used promotional culture as a tool to invite influencers on social media to help them promote their products and branding, and raise the awareness and attention to the society.

People like to follow someone who share the same interest with them, such as student, they have the similar life, they may interested in what does other student do in their meantime, although they don’t know about each other. Or the trendy is like sharing everything on social media platform, “What’s in my bag?” and “A day of my life”. To be honest, that doesn’t matter to anyone else, just the personal life of the blogger, people are interested and curious in other people’s life. That’s the trend!


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