Reality behind Nike’s promotional culture

Muhammad Ghozalie


Social Media Communication Video Plan



Reality Behind Nike’s Promotional Culture




  • To change the audience behaviour towards buying sneakers for daily needs. To show that common people/audience don’t need to force themselves to buy expensive sneakers to be part of the acceptable culture and social media clout following the influencers that also wearing these sneakers


  • This project will be measurable from the decrease price in sneakers reselling market and less people doing over consumption towards Nike products.


  • Yes, it is very achievable because even right now, the market price of sneakers resellers is at the lowest in 6 years. So, the effects of this project would hopefully make that prices even lower


  • The objectives are very relatable because if the general audience behaviour change, then the sneaker market also change, and with the over-consumption problem is also taken care of.


  • This project would take around 1-2 years to have a real effect because the wide target audience it’s trying to achieve. And because of the behavioural change goals need time.


Target Audience

         17-25 years old, future UQ students, generally active people, Nike’s products user, sport fans, sneakerhead community.



One of my tactics will include a highlight of a few Nikes’ athlete winning championships to show Nike’s excellent storytelling and why they can get away with increasing their products price to a certain degree rather than any other brand. It is also apparent in the reselling market especially when it comes to collaboration pieces like with Virgil Abloh, Travis Scott, and Tom Sachs. By showing this hopefully people will realize they are unconsciously buying Nike’s symbol and story rather than just the products itself.


  • What is the message you want your viewers to take away
    • The expected message that this project will do is to make audience aware about the promotional culture and realize they can make better decision towards purchasing shoes and to remove the chronic thirst of having to own what celebrities are wearing. Instead, the audience is expected to be wiser and buy what they need rather than craving for social media validation. This will also decrease the toxic culture of social media validation and over consumerism. There are also cases where general audience are taking loans to purchase some of Nike’s most expensive products and that lead to legal trouble.


  • What do you want them to think about or discuss with friends?
    • The main topic that is expected is the realization on whether they are buying Nike’s products because of the products or because the brand identity prism that exist. This conversation would lead to behavioural change that hopefully my audience will be wiser on purchasing stuff that they need even other than shoe. Most of the expected discussion that happened from this project are “hey I don’t think we need to buy this Nike’s shoe because taking a look from product value this other brand is better and much cheaper”.


  • What change in behaviour or thinking are you trying to influence?
    • The situation in the sneakers market right now is mental. Sneakers are selling out in the retailer so then average consumers need to pay 2 or 3 times from the original price. This would lead to many problems including stealing, scamming, and over consumption. This situation happened because of society’s need to have every single sneaker that came out from Nike’s monthly release. This case is very apparent on some of the more hype sneakers release, like the Travis Scott and Off-White collaboration with the late Virgil Abloh. By applying the message hopefully, the over consumption and buying because the trend/hype is over, and people be wiser with their decision to purchase their needs.



Evaluation Metrics

This project effectiveness will be measure by the views, likes, and comments. The number will be 100 views, 50 likes, and 10 comments. Considering the wide audience these projects trying to reach, account impressions and views will be the priority measurement for the metrics.