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Why We Need to Value Our Teachers

Lucy Ratz- October 21, 2018

The growing recognition of teacher's in Jaipur and what Australia can learn from the Indian approach to the value of education. The growing recognition for ... Read More

Street Mama

Lucy Ratz- October 18, 2018

Manan Chaturvedi , a mother to more than 100 children, crafts campaign paintings to fund their home and living in Jaipur. The last UNICEF census ... Read More

Amity University Jaipur welcomes UQ journalism students

Bruce Woolley- October 7, 2017

  The 'UQ in Jaipur' team has worked very closely with 20 students from Amity University in Jaipur to bring you the engaging stories on ... Read More

Who thought being a foreign correspondent could be this much fun?

Bruce Woolley- September 27, 2017

  Twenty UQ journalism students, two staff, four days of travel through three different countries, seven days of reporting in Jaipur India, and more than ... Read More