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Ruohong Mou 45193181 _ Promotional Culture x Youtube Beauty Channels

Ruohong Mou- August 18, 2022

Promotional culture x YouTube Beauty Channel. (Check out how promotional culture entangles with our daily life through us watching YouTube Beauty Channels ? ) https://vimeo.com/740719052 Read More

How Youtube beauty product review videos influence consumer behaviour?

Thi Minh Thu Tran- August 27, 2021

Make-up tutorials and product review videos give people honest opinions towards beauty products. However, are they promoting consumerism and stimulate people to buy more? Are ... Read More

The Beauty Industry : Vanity Wrapped in Plastic

Rafalya Rahma- November 17, 2020

Outside looking in, the beauty industry held its glamorous front. With the current rise in awareness of climate change and the well being of the ... Read More