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LEGO’s Pride Campaign as Promotional Culture

Lauren Bozzetto- August 27, 2021

Using LEGO’s Pride and Diversity campaign, this video analyses how consumer behaviour is influenced by promotional culture and brand engagement in social discourse. https://vimeo.com/592667112   ... Read More

Unity in Diversity: Exploring Fatahillah Square

Sophie Volker- April 16, 2017

Busker entertains locals in Fatahillah Square. In the 16th century, a commander for the Sultanate of Demak named Fatahillah recaptured the Old Town of Jakarta from ... Read More

Achieving diversity in universities

AmeliaFisher- October 21, 2012

Madonna Nicoll believes everyone has the right to access university. Source: Kathleen Durante, The Examiner Madonna Nicoll has been in a wheelchair her whole life ... Read More

What makes you UniQue?

CarmelRooney- May 14, 2012

Post-graduate communication students from the School of Journalism and Communication are on a quest to find out more about the UQ community as part of ... Read More