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Drug coverage linked to increased use

Eugenie Turrisi- November 8, 2012

The media has seen a sudden resurgence in drug related stories. Drug experts have suggested that this over-exposure of drugs in the media may increase ... Read More

Gold Coast battling trouble in paradise

Rowan Sparkes- October 21, 2012

The Gold Coast has grown into South-East Queensland’s major tourism hotspot, with its sunny subtropical climate, surfing beaches, high-rise skyline and rainforest hinterland. However, beneath ... Read More

Report says war on drugs has failed

Roxanne Fitzgerald- October 21, 2012

The great debate on legalisation or decriminalisation. Is it a good idea for drugs in Australia?Photo by: J Hayne A recent report by Australia 21 ... Read More

AFP drug crackdown a double edged sword

Harry Billows- October 20, 2012

Methamphetamine (ice) capsules similar to those being passed off as ecstasy capsules in the Brisbane area.   In recent months the Australian Federal Police have ... Read More

Silk Road takes drugs deals online

Silk Road takes drugs deals online

Harry Billows- October 18, 2012

A website removes all face-to-face interaction and enables people around the world to conduct drug deals online Read More

Low-grade ecstacy pushes users to ice

Roxanne Fitzgerald- October 2, 2012

Ice is one of the most severe, dangerous and addictive drugs today, which has users coming back again and again. Read More

Climbing out of drug addiction

Climbing out of drug addiction

Rowan Sparkes- October 2, 2012

Listen to an interview with a recovering drug addict and aims to give an insight. Read More

Awarness day focuses on risks of overdose

Awarness day focuses on risks of overdose

Jemma Fletcher- September 19, 2011

This week marks National Overdose Awareness day which is a campaign to remember those who have died from having suffered an overdose Read More