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Price of Money

James McManagan- September 26, 2018

The streets of Jaipur's 'Old City' - or 'Pink City'- are drenched with colourful market stalls and crowded shopfronts. Storeowners and street merchants screaming "Ricky ... Read More

Indian textiles conquer globalisation

Georgia Schefe- September 26, 2018

How India's textile industry is fighting the pressures of globalisation. See story: Indian textiles conquer globalisation Read More

Woven in the Wind

Vanessa Bartholomew- September 26, 2018

Discovering the fabrics and faces of Jaipur's Hawa Mahal Bazaar. Read the story here: Woven in the Wind Read More

A Place of Reflection

Julia Enchelmaier- September 26, 2018

When you look around Jaipur it soon becomes evident that it is inevitable to see the reflection of the vibrant colours in architecture, dress and ... Read More

Radiance: The Colours and People of Jaipur.

Tobias Jurss-Lewis- September 26, 2018

"Johdpur is blue. Jaisalmer is yellow. And Jaipur is pink." From the front seat of our cab, Sijo Joy turned and told me this. As ... Read More

Painters of the Pink City

Phoebe Nixon- September 26, 2018

https://jacdigital.shorthandstories.com/painters-of-the-pink-city/index.html Huddled by the side of one of Jaipur's busiest roads, a group of women in vibrant sari's laugh and chat as they work.   ... Read More

Say Cheese

Laura Sinclair- September 25, 2018

Say Cheese: The story of when tourists become the focus. It starts with the word “selfie”. Then before one can mutter a yes, there is a ... Read More