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Gabrielle Dempsey – s4697906 – COMU3150 – VIDEO

Gabrielle Dempsey- September 14, 2023

COMU3150 Planning Strategy 1.0.      Overview 1.1.      Situation Popular video-sharing app TikTok has rapidly become one of the most popular social media platforms since its launch ... Read More

How do GRWM, Day in my Life & What’s in my bag videos affect you?

Abigail Hein- August 17, 2023

  https://vimeo.com/jacdigital/abigailheincomu3150part1?share=copy https://vimeo.com/jacdigital/abigailheincomu3150part2?share=copy https://vimeo.com/jacdigital/abigailheincomu3150part3?share=copy Since the start of 2023, the idea of aesthetics as a way of life such as, ‘clean girl aesthetic’ have taken ... Read More