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You’re Being Marketed Without Knowing It: How the Vagueness of Instagrams Privacy Policy Ties into Promotional Culture

Matthew Hamilton- August 17, 2023

It is always important to stay informed on the apps you are using. This video breaks down the reason behind targeted ads and is meant ... Read More

Laura Kelly – COMU3150 – Promotional Culture and the #WhatIEatInADay Trend

Laura Kelly- August 16, 2023

Promotional culture has become embedded in our daily lives and the content we casually consume. The #WhatIEatInADay trend plays into this in a negative manner. ... Read More

Upcycling Fashion Account

Hiu Tung Poon- November 3, 2020

Check my upcycling fashion Instagram account. https://www.instagram.com/upcyclingfashion.project/ ... and use #refashionmyownfashion for your own ideas! Make it a trend. Read More

When tourists become the attraction

Kate Cullen- September 24, 2017

  Jaipur is home to many insta-worthy sights but Indian tourists are coming to the Pink City for more than pictures with the brilliant architecture, ... Read More