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The Sixth Extinction

Catherine Sherwood- October 17, 2021

Humans are currently causing the greatest mass species extinction since that of the dinosaurs sixty-five million years ago. If present trends continue, one half of ... Read More

Bare City

Kemii- September 25, 2017

https://soundcloud.com/kemiimaguire/bare-city Transcript: Maguire: I’m currently walking through one of the local food markets here in Jaipur, Rajasthan – India’s tenth largest city. Along the footpath, ... Read More

Unity in Diversity: Exploring Fatahillah Square

Sophie Volker- April 16, 2017

Busker entertains locals in Fatahillah Square. In the 16th century, a commander for the Sultanate of Demak named Fatahillah recaptured the Old Town of Jakarta from ... Read More

Radio Decidendi – Hangover v Legal-Chic

James Jessup- May 13, 2014

We interview the wonderful mind behind Legal-Chic.tumblr.com about legal fashion and feminism. Dan speaks up on 'flopping the breakup', and Al is literally too sick ... Read More

Radio Decidendi – Snapchat v Legal Practitioners

James Jessup- May 6, 2014

Join Dan and Al as they discuss what really matters for students. First impressions, procrastination apps and... the commission of audit. Oh! And case of ... Read More

Radio Decidendi – Sex v Nepotism

James Jessup- April 25, 2014

Sex and Nepotism! Maybe. But not at the same time, usually. Listen in as Dan and Al take you through how Miranda Kerr, the world ... Read More