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COMU3150 Social Media Communication Assessment 1(Create)

Qichao Zhang- August 17, 2023

COMU3150 Social Media Communication Assessment 1(Create) The Video name: Red Bull Promotional Culture Time: 3 minutes https://vimeo.com/855333705?share=copy Read More

Exploration of Promotional Culture and Tiktok(China) Shopping

Nian JI- August 17, 2023

Exploration of Promotional Culture and Tiktok(China) Shopping The relationship between promotion culture and live sale of goods in Tiktok. https://vimeo.com/855277556 Read More

What A Waste

Rachel Henselien- November 9, 2022

What A Waste On this week's episode of Everyday Reflections: What A Waste. This week we will explore my sustainability reflections and journey to become ... Read More

The Phase Out of Single-Use Plastic

Laura Kelly- November 9, 2022

This podcast focuses on the ongoing phasing out of single-use plastic in Australia. Each state and territory's government is evaluating the situation and acting accordingly ... Read More

Abandon Fast Fashion, Make A Change.

Yizhen Guo- November 9, 2022

https://youtu.be/AbCKoIjc9sE Some video footage is from: https://pexels.com/videos/ https://pixabay.com/zh/videos/ Read More

What Are You Going To Do About It?

Sophie Jean Baird- November 9, 2022

There are over 7,980,666 different people, 195 different countries, and 6,500 different languages in the world, yet we all have something in common (Worldometer, 2022). ... Read More

Operation “Make Sustainability Trendy”: An Interview with Mondo Hire’s Lily Blucher

Kate Janice Gibbons- November 9, 2022

We have seen a huge spike in dress hire accounts on Instagram in recent years. Hiring out clothes is a great contribution to the Reduce, ... Read More

Helping Save the Ocean: A Story Blog of My Sustainability Experience

Joseph Himawan Asiku- November 9, 2022

In the present world, where climate change is an ongoing catastrophic threat to everyone, more and more people are embracing the value of sustainability. But ... Read More

Can runway fashion ever truly be sustainable? Looking into Brisbane Fashion Week

Yasmin Sequeira- November 9, 2022

https://vimeo.com/760153730 In 2022, we as a society are shifting towards more sustainably informed decisions like shopping second-hand, mending and upcycling and simply valuing our clothing ... Read More

COMU3130 UQ Sustainability Vlog

Anita Chien- November 9, 2022

An UQ vlog is filmed based on the different sustainability tips students can use to carry out more sustainable lifestyles on campus from my point ... Read More

Paper bags – recycle!

Jinhe Mu- November 9, 2022

https://vimeo.com/760527009 student name: JINHE MU student number: s4595974 Read More

My First Composta!

Faith Emily Chivers- November 9, 2022

Composting is one of the best ways of disposing your food waste in an eco-friendly way. But what do you do if a big and ... Read More