Author: Anthony Frangi

Working Away

Anthony Frangi- December 1, 2016

By Nazlee Salami Times are tough and working extra hard to make ends meet is not uncommon. This series documents the difficult life of my ... Read More

Life in the South Pacific

Anthony Frangi- November 3, 2016

As told to Isabel Heading Matteo Zanette has just arrived back in Australia after sailing the South Pacific for 5 months with his girlfriend. The ... Read More

It’s swooping season

Anthony Frangi- November 3, 2016

By Chloe Belchamber Australian’s are being reminded to keep and eye in the sky as spring marks the beginning of swooping season among Magpies. Brisbane’s ... Read More

Bollywood’s next big stars

Anthony Frangi- November 2, 2016

By Samantha Butler Saroj Khan Dance Academy is leading the way in providing dance education in Mumbai. Children of all ages flock to the famous ... Read More

The ultimate sport

Anthony Frangi- November 2, 2016

BY Melissa Laker As another Olympic Games comes and goes, new sports and old sports begin their campaign to prove why their sport deserves a ... Read More

A city filled with pride

Anthony Frangi- November 2, 2016

By Johnpaul Gonzo Thousands march in Brisbane to show their support for the LGBT community and campaign for same sex marriage. Read More

More than just fireworks

Anthony Frangi- November 2, 2016

By Katreena Bacatan Brisbane's Riverfire festival is much more than a short fireworks display that lights up the city- it is an annual event that ... Read More

West End divided

Anthony Frangi- November 2, 2016

By James Jessup UQ student James Jessup reports on increasing amounts of development in West End and explores the effect that it is having on ... Read More

The strays of Mumbai

Anthony Frangi- October 21, 2016

By Claudia Farhart Stray dogs exist everywhere, but the Indian city of Mumbai seems to take this problem to the next level. Now, with recent ... Read More

All things Scandinavian

Anthony Frangi- October 5, 2016

By Isabel Heading Held on the 11th September in Newstead, families, students and singles gathered to celebrate the Scandinavian cultural festival in Brisbane. A feast ... Read More

A Visual Feast

Anthony Frangi- September 15, 2016

The School of Communication and Arts is proud to showcase student work the 2016 Visual Journalism program. Read More