Author: Ciara Jones

Ciara is in her third year and final semester of a Bachelor of Journalism at the University of Queensland. With a passion for social justice, she is committed to producing quality journalism that informs and educates the mass public and promotes social change.

Red Bull Basement University – currently taking applications at UQ

Ciara Jones- October 17, 2018

Red Bull Basement University offers a collaborative platform for university students who want to use their technology skills and knowledge to solve problems at and ... Read More

70th Primetime Emmy Awards recap and full list of winners

Ciara Jones- September 19, 2018

Betty White made an appearance and there was an even on-stage marriage proposal - but our very own Hannah Gadsby stole the show. Yesterday's 70th ... Read More

The bizarre Brisbane case of the colour-shifting orange

Ciara Jones- September 13, 2018

Keperra mum Neti Moffitt sliced an orange as a snack for her two-year old son and left part of it on the bench. Overnight, it ... Read More

New Liberal party leadership fails to resonate with the public

Ciara Jones- August 28, 2018

A week of leadership turmoil within the Liberal party has left voters dissatisfied, with the latest Newspoll showing Labor ahead 56% to 44%. This is ... Read More