Author: Meaghan Crooks

Meaghan Crooks is in her final year studying Science (Statistics) and Journalism. She aims to explore how science and society work together in Indonesia whilst testing her journalistic ability in a different culture and environment.

The dark bird of Indonesia

Meaghan Crooks- May 7, 2017

There are countless breeds of poultry across the world but none quite like the completely black Ayam Cemani. The chickens' striking black appearance has given ... Read More

Nothing can bring Evi down

Meaghan Crooks- April 21, 2017

People with Down syndrome in Indonesia are often stigmatized by society and viewed as simple and incapable. Their struggle for social inclusion is only heightened ... Read More

Road Safety in Indonesia is a work-in-progress

Meaghan Crooks- April 17, 2017

No lanes, no seat belts, no traffic lights and for drivers in Jakarta, no worries. With some of the most lenient road safety laws and ... Read More