Author: Hugh Hadgraft

Clubs call for tougher laws on security

Hugh Hadgraft- November 4, 2011

Brisbane pub workers are calling for tougher self-regulation of the security industry after it was revealed that Queensland’s private security laws lagged behind other states. Read More

Local cycling industry under threat

Hugh Hadgraft- September 3, 2011

As the Australian Dollar climbs steadily higher against its US counterpart, local cycling stores are finding it increasingly difficult to stay afloat. Read More

Graveyard to museum: a paleontology story

Hugh Hadgraft- September 3, 2011

The process of recovering dinosaur remains from the field, and preparing them for research and investigation at the University of Queensland. Read More

Cut in Centrelink payments hurts students

Hugh Hadgraft- September 3, 2011

Some students have begun misstating and omitting income details to Centrelink to avoid the poverty trap Read More