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Practicing Diversity: Celebrating Easter in Indonesia

Katreena Bacatan- April 17, 2017

The national celebration of Easter in Indonesia is a symbol of the country’s commitment to its belief in "Unity in Diversity" despite recent racial and ... Read More

Religion Is Reflected in Architecture

Beth Westmore- April 17, 2017

Clean cut lines and geometric shapes envelope over 27,000 square feet of prime real estate in Central Jakarta. The Istiqlal Mosque is not only a ... Read More

Unveiling the Burqa

Nazlee Salami- November 7, 2016

By Nazlee Salami I gazed down at the dark-green headscarf that lay gently in my hands. My eyes traced its ornate gold patterns. Parked just ... Read More

Muslim cleric backs up Sydney riots

s4203523- October 22, 2012

Student Imam Abdul Samim Khant defends Sydney riots arguing that it was in conservation of their Muslim values. Read More

The long history of Australia’s Muslim community

michaelcruickshank- October 20, 2012

Islam is not a new addition to Australian religious landscape, they do in fact have a long history on the continent. Read More

Muslims are more likely to be swing voters.

Lindsay Mengel- October 19, 2012

Muslims are potentially Australia's biggest swing voters. Muslims are more likely to vote for a politician based on their policy than their party according to ... Read More

Non-Muslims opt for Ramadan fast

Non-Muslims opt for Ramadan fast

Louise Stankevicius- October 3, 2012

Two non-Muslims experience what fasting is like during Ramadan Read More

Kuraby cooks a feast after Ramadan

s4232097- September 26, 2012

On Saturday 19th August, Muslims from all over Brisbane gathered in Svoboda Park, Kuraby to celebrate the end of Ramadan. Read More

Brisbane a model for Muslim integration

michaelcruickshank- September 20, 2012

Queensland's Muslim leaders and police agree that close cooperation has created a successful model for integration. Read More