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Is sustainable fashion really sustainable, or is that just what you’ve been told?

Isabelle Gardener- August 27, 2021

Is sustainable fashion really sustainable, or is that just what you've been told? https://vimeo.com/593118809 Read More

How Youtube beauty product review videos influence consumer behaviour?

Thi Minh Thu Tran- August 27, 2021

Make-up tutorials and product review videos give people honest opinions towards beauty products. However, are they promoting consumerism and stimulate people to buy more? Are ... Read More

STEGMAN COMU3150 Assessment One Create Video

Imogen Stegman- August 27, 2021

Hello! Promotional Culture ... do you know what it means? Have you heard of product placement? Or how brands create an identidy on social media? ... Read More

Lachlan Pearce – COMU3150 – ‘The Age of the Label’ Video

Lachlan Pearce- August 27, 2021

I have attached my planning strategy and my video plan/storyboard to this submission. Planning Strategy template - assignment 1 Video plan template My exhibition video ... Read More

LEGO’s Pride Campaign as Promotional Culture

Lauren Bozzetto- August 27, 2021

Using LEGO’s Pride and Diversity campaign, this video analyses how consumer behaviour is influenced by promotional culture and brand engagement in social discourse. https://vimeo.com/592667112   ... Read More

“A Bad Influence?”

Remy Tucker- August 27, 2021

Kim Kardashians harmful use of promotional culture If you are watching this, as a user of Tiktok or any other social media platform you would ... Read More

Promotional culture within child influencers

Natalia Daley- August 27, 2021

This video explores how promotional culture has impacted the families of today. Specifically, how children are being used as a product for a profit.   ... Read More

Are toy unboxing videos exploiting our children?

Ehmily Nicholson- August 27, 2021

Toy unboxing videos may be entertaining for our children and a good way to get some quiet time, however, these videos are exposing our children ... Read More