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COMU3150 Critique of promotional cultural

Jingshu Wang- September 13, 2021

Critique of promotional cultural By 45081774 Jingshu Wang https://vimeo.com/597626883/76c577a004 Read More

The True Cost of Our Obsession With Haul Video

Callista Tesalonika- August 27, 2021

Promotional Culture & Haul Video: The True Cost of Our Obsession With Haul Video and Over-Buying Habit Have you ever seen or enjoy a haul ... Read More

Promotional culture

Hongjie Pan- August 27, 2021

Objectives    The influence of social media and advertising on our lives is increasing, and they are integrated into all parts of people's daily lives. ... Read More

Concealed Diet Culture – What I Eat In A Day

Priya Shah- August 27, 2021

The promotional culture on Tik Tok of 'What I Eat In A Day' videos. https://vimeo.com/593053450 Read More

The Role of Promotional Culture in Driving Unrealistic Beauty Standards

Eliza O'Shea- August 27, 2021

Take a look at the way promotional culture is driving unrealistic beauty standards, and see how you are impacted. https://vimeo.com/592767154 Read More

What is unboxing?

Qiqi Zhu- August 27, 2021

Unpacking is a form of promotion   The unboxing on social media affects everyone, but behind the joy of unboxing is the promotional culture in ... Read More

Why Fashion Hauls and Fast Fashion Labels are Promoting Over Consumption

Julia Wyer- August 27, 2021

Fashion Hauls Are Glorifying Over Consumption In a society where we are constantly pressured to keep up with our favourite influencers, hauls can fuel our ... Read More

Unachievable Bodies: Promotional Culture and Fitness Influencers

Thomas Baulch- August 27, 2021

Promotional culture within fitness drives influencers invite us to consume a product or service through visual persuasion that allows us to re-unite with our fantasy ... Read More