Horror podcast: Interviewing an evil spirit.

Xena Aprilianti- October 19, 2021

Hi everyone, in this podcast we interview an evil spirit named Margaret who has been haunting people for a decade. We try to make a ... Read More

Why is the Fast Fashion Industry Unsustainable?

Zimeng Wang- October 18, 2021

Aayush, a 17-year-old boy from Bangladesh. The story begins from his personal experience in a fast fashion factory to serve as meaningful implications for minimising ... Read More

Environmentally Friendly – Cruising Through Holiday Planning

Victoria Mather- October 18, 2021

Cruising through holiday planning   I was so excited when I could finally go on holiday. I wanted to do something fun and adventures. I ... Read More

Sustainability: Is it easy? Radio segment from Triple J

Emily Knox- October 18, 2021

I have created a radio segment from popular radio station Triple J. My co-host and I discuss feel-good sustainability stories and tips that you can ... Read More

It’s time to get to know me!

Xiaonan Wang- October 18, 2021

Girls, have you ever wondered how 'I' can help you live sustainably? It's time to get to know 'me'! Read More

An Apology to Mother Nature

Kate Aranha- October 18, 2021

We Are Sorry Music can often serve as a bridge between emotions and words; therefore, this song is created to allow us as individuals to ... Read More

COVID-19 & Waste

Zara Frost- October 18, 2021

The unprecedented nature of COVID-19 has challenged sustainable practices. With disposable masks, gloves and disinfectant wipes becoming key parts of our daily routine, this podcast ... Read More

The Power of Food – Driving Change with OzHarvest

Lucy Philp- October 18, 2021

THE POWER OF FOOD Michaela Windsor, the Engagement Manager at OzHarvest, and I talk about all things food waste and sustainability. We chat about the ... Read More

The Climate Countdown

Madeleine Wright- October 18, 2021

The Climate Countdown Episode 9. Bee the Change Shownotes: 7 years, 281 days, 18 hours, and 30 minutes to save the planet. The Climate Countdown ... Read More

Five12appare. A Sustainable Brand

Yanxu Li- October 18, 2021

This is a podcast introducing the brand five12appare, about how sustainable it is and why should we focus on it. Let's hear it! Read More