Promotional culture in the Fast Fashion Industry

Anisha Ranchigoda- August 27, 2021

     COMU3150 – Assessment 1 Video Script If this video has reached on your ‘For you’ page today it’s probably because you too, have ... Read More

The Third Gender

Mia Knight- October 17, 2017

'Blessings', 'curses' and 'transgender' aren't words that usually go together in the western world. However in India the discrimination faced by transgender persons is only ... Read More

MRT to alleviate Jakarta’s notorious traffic soon

Sophie Volker- April 20, 2017

It’s taken almost 40 years since its conception, but the Jakarta Mass Rail Transport (MRT) is finally on its way to completion. With estimates that ... Read More

Unity in Diversity: Exploring Fatahillah Square

Sophie Volker- April 16, 2017

Busker entertains locals in Fatahillah Square. In the 16th century, a commander for the Sultanate of Demak named Fatahillah recaptured the Old Town of Jakarta from ... Read More

The Music of Mumbai

Sarah Matthews- October 16, 2016

By Sarah Matthews     On the local trains of Mumbai, a group of twenty, thirty or even more men gather together to sing and ... Read More

Misconceptions of Dharavi

Connie Li- October 7, 2016

By Connie Li An encounter with Asia's largest slum - Connie Li tells of her discoveries. (more…) Read More

My love of the land

Anthony Frangi- August 25, 2016

By Susie Brodie and Bridget Sloan UQ journalism students Susie Brodie and Bridget Sloan chat to award winning rural photographer Fiona Lake, about life on ... Read More

Journalism in sound student showcase for 2016

Paul Smith- June 21, 2016

  This is the 'Journalism in Sound Showcase for 2016' featuring some stand out examples of student work from this year. The delivery is in ... Read More