COMU3150Project1: Promotional Culture

Zihan Xu- August 18, 2023

COMU3150Project1: Promotional Culture   Zihan Xu 47342406 Read More

My Sustainable Make-up

Mai Sanada- November 9, 2022 References: EVERGLOW COSMETICS. (n.d.). IPSA Designing Face Color Palette. Kristelle. (2018, January 5). Make Up Forever Artist Shadow High Impact Eyes Shadow. Crystal ... Read More

Fast Fiction

Joseph Leslie Sheahan- November 9, 2022 I’ve got a confession to make. I’ve never been that engaged with sustainability. That’s not to say I’ve been unsustainable. I don’t own an ... Read More

The Climate Crisis: What Can You Do & Who’s to Blame?

Ciara Mary Morgan- November 9, 2022

My generation and I have grown up with the threat of climate change. In just my lifetime, I have experienced two major floods, urban cyclones, ... Read More

The sustainable future of global agriculture: Mr. Yuan – Father of Hybrid Rice

Enci Ye- October 20, 2022

'Zero hunger'  is one of the United Nations' 17 sustainable development goals. Sustainability is not only about climate change, responsible consumption, and renewable energy...... It ... Read More


Honggu Li- October 20, 2022

With the development of human society, the original dense `forests, crystal clear rivers, green grass, colourful and beautiful flowers, birds flying freely in the air, ... Read More

Sustainable story:locked human, liberates nature and make ecology more sustainable during the COVID-19.

Meijia Yan- October 19, 2022

Have you ever felt that human beings are getting away from nature? Animals are getting farther and farther away from us. Due to human over ... Read More

Sustainable Travel on a Student Budget

Georgia Franklin- October 25, 2021

Convenience is Costly. Since 2019 it's been a little bit of a drought for travelling. The itchy feet are soon to be scratched with the ... Read More

Is Commercial Whaling Necessary? History, Facts and Myth of Whaling

Masashi Sayama- November 17, 2020

This blog post provides basic knowledge about whaling and the reasons for anti-whaling. At the end of the post, the author expressed his understanding of ... Read More

The Pursuit of Less

Laine Kapetanakos- November 17, 2020

Thirteen years old, has never received any formal education, walks kilometres every day to earn 6¢ per hour working in a sweatshop before returning home ... Read More

A Message from the Other Side of the World: The Truth Behind Fast Fashion

Tsai-yin Liao- November 3, 2020 In the past, “fashion” was the privilege only enjoyed by the rich. However, people have started to imitate and focus on the fashion trend ... Read More

$3 million footpath to connect Murgon and Cherbourg: Road to resistance or pathway to peace?

Makenna Baily- October 17, 2019

Earlier this year, the Australian Government announced $3 million in funding to develop a footpath connecting the communities of Murgon and Cherbourg, but the project ... Read More