Green Queens Podcast

Stephanie Felesina- November 9, 2022

  Looking for your weekly fix of Sustainability? The all-new Green Queens Podcast is your bite-sized guide to all things sustainable at UQ. Hosted by ... Read More

We are Greek: Australian Hellenophobia during WW1

Will Atkins- October 31, 2019

Introduction Growing up, I heard stories from my Greek family about Hellenophobia—discrimination against Greeks—in Australia which didn’t end until the 80s. But I was never ... Read More

Investigation: Television Addiction and Binging Culture

Will Atkins- October 24, 2019

Bryan Cranston opened the host-less 71st Primetime Emmy Awards with an ode to television: “Television has never been bigger. Television has never mattered more. And ... Read More

UQ Brisbane Women’s Premier League (BWPL) Reserves vs Taringa Rovers

Analiese Stitt- April 11, 2019

The University of Queensland Brisbane Women’s Premier League (BWPL) Reserves hosted the Taringa Rovers in the sixth round of the Women’s Premier League season this ... Read More

Election breach declared in student referendum

Matthew Johnson- December 1, 2018

Between the 12th and 16th  November this year the student union at the University of Queensland held a referendum regarding the process for changing the ... Read More

Buskers of Brisbane

Chelsea Clark- November 29, 2018

A multimedia project by Chelsea Clark & Nibir Khan showcasing the stories of the performers that bring Brisbane to life. Click here to meet the ... Read More

Former PM Abbott concerned over decline of prayer, rise of acknowledgement of country

Ana Vujanic- November 27, 2018

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott believes Christian prayer should have as great a role in public ceremonies as “Acknowledgement of Country” protocols. Acknowledgement of Country ... Read More

Hedda Project cements itself as indispensable experience for students

Matthew Johnson- November 26, 2018

The Hedda Project was one of the strands that made up the inaugural Vanguard Theatre Festival, from October 24th to October 26th this year at ... Read More

Australia and earthquakes

Anne Crosby- November 19, 2018

At least 555 people were killed in a 6.9 magnitude earthquake on the island of Lombok, Indonesia on August 5, 2018 in a devastating disaster ... Read More

That’s a wrap! Curtains close on inaugural Vanguard Festival

Matthew Johnson- November 10, 2018

https://vimeo.com/299996835 For three consecutive nights The University of Queensland’s Geoffrey Rush Drama Studio played host to a sold out Vanguard Theatre Festival. It was a ... Read More

Red Bull Basement University – currently taking applications at UQ

Ciara Jones- October 17, 2018

Red Bull Basement University offers a collaborative platform for university students who want to use their technology skills and knowledge to solve problems at and ... Read More