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Building Indonesia’s Economy

Jordan McMullen- April 16, 2017

Jakarta is a place that holds little resemblance to our capitals back in Australia, the differences manifested through predictable facets like customs, behaviours and language. ... Read More

Misconceptions of Dharavi

Connie Li- October 7, 2016

By Connie Li An encounter with Asia's largest slum - Connie Li tells of her discoveries. (more…) Read More

Higher education at a crossroads

Mitch Parker- November 8, 2012

Universities such as the University of Queensland, are reaching an economic crossroads. Australians are flocking to higher education in rising numbers, according to an Australian ... Read More

The changing face of higher education

Alex Livingstone- November 8, 2012

With increased competition from online and international universities, Australia’s tertiary education system may be in need of change. Read More

International student enrolments continue to fall

Mitch Parker- October 21, 2012

The high Australian dollar, safety concerns and increased competition from American universities blamed. Read More

News Ltd adapts its business model

Matthew Dunn- October 19, 2012

News Limited are changing their business model to reflect the turbulent newspaper industry. Read More

Should students pay more for education?

Kendall Jones- October 18, 2012

A new report released by the Grattan Institute, says that by the middle of this decade tertiary education subsidies will have cost taxpayers $7 billion, ... Read More

University graduates do better in recession

Kendall Jones- September 21, 2012

New research has revealed that the global recession had a far smaller impact on people with university degrees compared to those without. Read More

Broadbeach an economic bright spot

Broadbeach an economic bright spot

Brhiannon Stokes- September 12, 2011

Broadbeach, on the Gold Coast, may be rapidly becoming the city's new place to be. Read More

R18+ rating for videogames may change industry

Brhiannon Stokes- September 12, 2011

The proposed R18+ rating for videogames will see changes to the gaming industry. Read More

Japanese tourism in Far North QLD is recovering

Mandy Chiang- September 5, 2011

Five months after the earthquake and tsunami struck Japan, the Japanese tourism industry in Far North Queensland has been bouncing back. Read More