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The promotional culture of Brandy Melville

Junshan Zhao- August 18, 2023

The promotional culture of Brandy Melville Vimeo?https://vimeo.com/855478459?share=copy Have you ever heard of Brandy Melville? This is an American sweetheart style girl clothing brand from the ... Read More

COMU3150 Assignment 1: Promotional Culture Through the Lens of Fashion

Ethan Theen Wan Choe- August 18, 2022

By Ethan Theen Wan CHOE (46144180) The following link leads to the TikTok video on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/740707213   Read More

Is sustainable fashion really sustainable, or is that just what you’ve been told?

Isabelle Gardener- August 27, 2021

Is sustainable fashion really sustainable, or is that just what you've been told? https://vimeo.com/593118809 Read More

My Sustainable Fashion Journey

Olivia Coogan- August 27, 2021

Welcome to my Sustainable Fashion Journey! Click the Vimeo Link to Watch the Full Video: https://vimeo.com/592929630 Link in Bio: https://linktr.ee/sustainablefashionjourney   Read More

The Pursuit of Less

Laine Kapetanakos- November 17, 2020

Thirteen years old, has never received any formal education, walks kilometres every day to earn 6¢ per hour working in a sweatshop before returning home ... Read More

Sustainability in Fashion: Dreams of SukkhaCitta, SUKUHome and Sejauh Mata Memandang

Nadine Adjani- November 3, 2020

Is sustainability in fashion really achievable?  The problem with sustainability in fashion is deep-rooted in the nooks and crannies of its flawed system as a ... Read More

Upcycling Fashion Account

Hiu Tung Poon- November 3, 2020

Check my upcycling fashion Instagram account. https://www.instagram.com/upcyclingfashion.project/ ... and use #refashionmyownfashion for your own ideas! Make it a trend. Read More

A Clothes Encounter

Connie Li- October 9, 2016

By Connie Li Reporter Connie Li explores a clothing factory in Mumbia, India, to investigate working conditions in the South Asia garment industry. (more…) Read More

Fast Fashion Monoliths Expand to Australia

Connie Li- May 20, 2015

https://soundcloud.com/itsconnieyeah/fast-fashion-monoliths-expand-to-australia Read More

Brushy beginnings for Brisbane mag

Kristoffer Reynoso- September 19, 2011

Brisbane's most fashion forward and daring graced a magazine launch celebrating the bubbling cultural life the city has to offer. Read More