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Promotional Culture and the ‘That Girl’ Aesthetic

Samantha Gallagher- August 17, 2023

Promotional Culture and the 'That Girl' Aesthetic https://vimeo.com/855348495 https://vimeo.com/855348159   https://vimeo.com/855347784     Read More

COMU3150 Assignment 1: Promotional Culture Through the Lens of Fashion

Ethan Theen Wan Choe- August 18, 2022

By Ethan Theen Wan CHOE (46144180) The following link leads to the TikTok video on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/740707213   Read More

STEGMAN COMU3150 Assessment One Create Video

Imogen Stegman- August 27, 2021

Hello! Promotional Culture ... do you know what it means? Have you heard of product placement? Or how brands create an identidy on social media? ... Read More

Emojis and their Influence

Aurora-Lilibet Sheppard-Andersen- August 27, 2021

Emojis play a major role in the world of communication today. However, for the realm of promotional culture and brands, this is big business. Thus, ... Read More

Social Media: The Problem or the Solution to Indonesia’s Animal Trafficking Epidemic?

Stacey Whitlock- June 3, 2018

Social media is changing the way our world works in many ways. While it increases global connection, it also enables crimes, such as animal trafficking, ... Read More

When tourists become the attraction

Kate Cullen- September 24, 2017

  Jaipur is home to many insta-worthy sights but Indian tourists are coming to the Pink City for more than pictures with the brilliant architecture, ... Read More

Making foodie friends in Mumbai: meet Kiran, The Hungry Cancerian

Sophie Wright- October 18, 2016

By Sophie Wright Developing countries such as India are slowly starting to harness the power of social media as a mass marketing tool. One Indian ... Read More

Creating a social media savvy India

Sophie Wright- October 18, 2016

By Sophie Wright Every second in India, three people experience the Internet for the first time, according to data from Google. To people in developed ... Read More

Social media presssures newspapers

Social media presssures newspapers

Georgia Kerr-Reeve- September 20, 2012

Social media has undoubtedly solidified its position as a pivotal medium within the communications landscape of the future. What was once a question of ‘if’ ... Read More