Chinese Indonesians: A Human Narrative

From the biblical plight of Jews to Canaan, to the Vietnamese diaspora across the globe in...

The Pathway To Equality – Disability Accessibility In Jakarta, Indonesia

In the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, a lack of accessibility is still a daily reality for...

Up In Smoke: Indonesia’s Tobacco Industry and its Children

In Australia, we all know how hard it is to buy cigarettes - they're costly, they're distr...

Lihat tuh, ada bule!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qu1w0XdtFWo Lihat tuh, ada bule! roughly translated mea...

Jakarta’s Congestion

The fortress: Jakarta’s top junior high school comes to life

  Classes may be over for the day, but the fun is just beginning for Year 7 st...

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