Election breach declared in student referendum

Between the 12th and 16th  November this year the student union at the University of Quee...

Hedda Project cements itself as indispensable experience for students

The Hedda Project was one of the strands that made up the inaugural Vanguard Theatre Festi...

That’s a wrap! Curtains close on inaugural Vanguard Festival

https://vimeo.com/299996835 For three consecutive nights The University of Queensland...

The Life of a ‘Street Child’

A child’s life can be very different in a place like Jaipur compared to Australia. Join ...

Red Bull Basement University – currently taking applications at UQ

Red Bull Basement University offers a collaborative platform for university students who w...

University of Queensland Student Elections: A guide to each party

Deciphering Student Politics With all the controversy surrounding the election for the ...

A Guarded City

Amid the traffic and pedestrian chaos of Jaipur, men and women of the government-appoi...

University of Queensland Union appeals smoke ban

The first day of July 2018 saw the activation of the smoke-free policy at The University o...

A Community of Colour: The meaning behind the street art in Depok

Just off the chaotic main street of Margonda in Depok City, and a far cry from the thr...

Pride of India part 3: Finding Pushpa

Listen here: Finding Pushpa

The Youth Testament in India

Religion is an ancient part of Indian culture. Join UQ in Jaipur reporter Claire Norton, a...

The Amber Fort of Marble

If you look up towards the hilly mountain tops in Jaipur, you will stumble across the wind...

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