The Anonymous of Indonesia

A documentary investigating the anonymous children of Indonesia, who do not have birth cer...

Indonesia’s Child Care Spectrum

We take a look inside the life of orphanage children and get a glimpse behind the scenes o...

Up In Smoke: Indonesia’s Tobacco Industry and its Children

In Australia, we all know how hard it is to buy cigarettes - they're costly, they're distr...

Deafening Silence

India's children are facing an epidemic of abuse, with 53% of Indian children having exper...

Being HIV Positive In India

  After a delayed response to the initial threat of HIV, India has seen gradua...

Destiny of Roadside Kids

Slum Children – Beyond the photos

By Morgaine Auton The children crowded around us, teaching us a handshake where you con...

What is Tet to you?

The Tet holiday in Vietnam is meant to be a joyous celebration to welcome the lunar new ye...

Assessing the education gap in Vietnam

Sitting with two support teachers from the International School in Ho Chi Minh City, you c...

Children become the focus of marriage equality

[oqeygallery id=36] As part of the Brisbane Pride Festival the Rainbow Families of Quee...

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