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#KingOfTheRoad COMU3150 Nur Syaqirah Izamuddin 47834013

Nur Syaqirah Izamuddin- August 17, 2023

#KingOfTheRoad The campaign’s goal is to bring Malaysian cultural context internationally and raise awareness on promotional culture regarding bad publicity as "to be aware of ... Read More

Do influencers affect ideological changes?

Yuyan Bi- August 19, 2022

With the rapid development of the Internet age, the era of e-commerce has become a craze in China. Now, hundreds of millions of people are ... Read More

Magpie Goose: Combining Culture, Art, and Sustainable Fashion

Alita Sokhara Say- October 25, 2021

Tucked away in South Brisbane’s culture and arts precinct is Magpie Goose – a self-proclaimed bright, bold, and unapologetic social enterprise fashion label. Launched in ... Read More

UQ lacks student pride and community spirit! A critique

Aiden Taylor- November 3, 2020

I’ve been at UQ for more than three years and not once have I considered buying or wearing university merchandise. You might be thinking this ... Read More

Former PM Abbott concerned over decline of prayer, rise of acknowledgement of country

Ana Vujanic- November 27, 2018

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott believes Christian prayer should have as great a role in public ceremonies as “Acknowledgement of Country” protocols. Acknowledgement of Country ... Read More

Indonesia’s Child Care Spectrum

Holly Prassler- June 3, 2018

We take a look inside the life of orphanage children and get a glimpse behind the scenes of an alternative institution, and their approaches to ... Read More

Sunrise in Karet Bivak Cemetery

Holly Richardson- April 9, 2018

Sunrise in Karet Bivak Cemetery from Holly Richardson on Vimeo. https://youtu.be/w01R2nV_gaY Karet Bivak Cemetery is one of the largest cemeteries in central Jakarta. This place ... Read More

Deafening Silence

Maegan Gillespie- October 19, 2017

India's children are facing an epidemic of abuse, with 53% of Indian children having experienced sexual abuse. Yet the people are silent, government initiatives are ... Read More

Written in the Stars?

Maya Fellows- October 16, 2017

Astrology starts from the exact moment you are born and stays the same for your entire lifetime. It tells of the  (more…) Read More

The Youth Testament in India

Claire Norton- October 16, 2017

Religion is an ancient part of Indian culture. Join UQ in Jaipur reporter Claire Norton, as she investigates the young generation's involvement with religion in ... Read More

Perceptions of Modesty in a Changing Jaipur

Anastasia White- September 25, 2017

Jaipur is a city that exists on the precipice between old and new. Just one of the many ways this manifests is in the perceptions ... Read More