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The Youth Testament in India

Claire Norton- October 16, 2017

Religion is an ancient part of Indian culture. Join UQ in Jaipur reporter Claire Norton, as she investigates the young generation's involvement with religion in ... Read More

Ekta Wassan on the ABC’s of Indian etiquette

Kate Sheahan- October 18, 2016

By Kate Sheahan Hidden inside the Hyatt Regency hotel in Mumbai is the bespoke academy of style in India, the Wasan Knowledge Hub. The finishing ... Read More

The Writing is on the wall: Street art for social change in Mumbai

Tom Higgins- October 16, 2016

  By Tom Higgins Street art is commonly seen as vandalism in most countries, and India is no exception. Though some see it as a ... Read More

KFC To Cholera: India’s Double Disease Burden

Milly Dunn- October 16, 2016

By Milly Dunn India is currently facing one of its greatest health challenges yet. As the country continues to develop at rapid speed, so does ... Read More

An introduction to Mumbai

Sophie Wright- September 25, 2016

By Sophie Wright Mumbai is big. It’s chaotic. The streets are dirty. It smells horrendous. Be prepared to be stared at, followed, and hassled incessantly ... Read More

Why KOTO is more than just a restaurant

Georgina Auton- May 20, 2015

The KOTO Organisation (Know One, Teach One) selects disadvantaged young people from across Vietnam to train in hospitality and other skills at their purpose built ... Read More

One In A Million

Genevieve Worrell- August 5, 2014

Story by Melanie Jamieson QUEENSLAND teenager Aaron Payne is ‘one in a million’ affected by a rare neurological disease, but his delightful nature and continual ... Read More

A Friend Called Pain.

Genevieve Worrell- August 5, 2014

AS I went to ask my first question I heard a crunching of bones as Robbie moved his foot back and forth. A grimace. And ... Read More

Can You Catch A Cancer?

Milly Dunn- August 5, 2014

HPV Graphic THERE has been a dramatic increase of young, non-smoking adults affected by head and neck cancers due to a common sexually transmitted disease ... Read More

Changing The World From 11 453.24 Kilometres Away.

Genevieve Worrell- August 5, 2014

Changing the world from 11 453.24 kilometres away. Impossible you may think. Enacting reforms, freeing illegitimate prisoners and reshaping a whole country. That is the ... Read More

Gayndah is Finished

Genevieve Worrell- August 5, 2014

IT’S 5.15pm and one of the two pubs in the rural Queensland town of Gayndah, 366kms north-west of Brisbane, is quickly filling up. One-by-one, customers ... Read More

Politicians Hinder Refugee Resettlement

Genevieve Worrell- August 4, 2014

Story by Kai Hayes REFUGEES in Australia are initially struggling to find employment and integrate into the community, and politicians aren’t helping, settlement assistance organisations ... Read More