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See the world in promotional culture -47561458 -Tindra Glaennerud – COMU3150: Create

Tindra Glaennerud- August 19, 2022

Through this video I aim to raise awareness about the relation between promotional culture and the role it has on the decisions we make about ... Read More

COMU3150 Meijia Yan-Iceland tourism promotional culture

Meijia Yan- August 18, 2022

Image:Interstellar-FILMGRAB Iceland or Alien? Iceland could be a unique place for everyone. What on earth is there to promote, apart from those unique sights? Or ... Read More

The Question That I Often Asked Myself: Why Being Sustainable?

Hoi Ha Lee- October 17, 2021

Sustainability development and sustainable lifestyle are popular social trends in the society nowadays. If you are one of those who have been embracing this sustainability ... Read More

Sustainable Travel Diaries

Sophie Titmus- November 3, 2020

SUSTAINABLE LIVING ~ THE SUSTAINABLE TRAVEL DIARIES ~ OCTOBER 25, 2020.  |   BY SOPHIE TITMUS If you're a travel junkie like me, there’s probably a ... Read More

Street Stalls

Jessica Miller- September 25, 2018

Women sell fresh produce on the streets to save paying expensive government taxes. Read More

Finding fresh air in The Big Durian

Holly Richardson- June 1, 2018

In the midst of Jakarta, the capital of the fourth most populated country in the world, fresh air is hard to find. As the city ... Read More

To Tip Or Not To Tip

McKenna Lea- September 25, 2017

  For many western travellers the idea of begging is a foreign practice. Whilst exploring the beautiful temples and forts in India travellers may be ... Read More

Abandoned by the highway

Claire Norton- September 25, 2017

Travelling from Brisbane to Jaipur, a comedy of errors led our journalism group to discover the magnificent country side of India. From Delhi to Jaipur, ... Read More

Rich in Age and Rich in Culture

Hannah Palmer- September 25, 2017

India’s home of culture, Jaipur, has become the perfect destination for middle to senior aged travellers as the city is abuzz with life and filled ... Read More

When tourists become the attraction

Kate Cullen- September 24, 2017

  Jaipur is home to many insta-worthy sights but Indian tourists are coming to the Pink City for more than pictures with the brilliant architecture, ... Read More