A Place of Reflection

When you look around Jaipur it soon becomes evident that it is inevitable to see the refle...

White Caste: Who’s the fairest of them all?

Painted pink under the rule of the 19th century Maharaja, Ram Singh, artefacts of a new ge...

Radiance: The Colours and People of Jaipur.

"Johdpur is blue. Jaisalmer is yellow. And Jaipur is pink." From the front seat of ou...

Painters of the Pink City

https://jacdigital.shorthandstories.com/painters-of-the-pink-city/index.html Huddled by...

A Clean Slate for Jaipur

I stepped onto the streets of Jaipur for the first time with expectations of dirty roads l...

The work of women in modern India

See story: https://jacdigital.shorthandstories.com/georgiaesplin/index.html

The Rubbish Clogging Up Jaipur Streets

A mammoth effort by Jaipur Municipal Corporation (JMC) sanitation workers cleaned up the ...

Say Cheese

Say Cheese: The story of when tourists become the focus. It starts with the word “se...

The Iron Wing: An Indonesian Political Firestorm

You may not be interested in politics, but politics will certainly take an interest in you...

The Making of a Foreign Correspondent: UQ in Jakarta 2018

Fifteen journalism students are in Indonesia this month to learn how to become foreign cor...

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