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Stories of Mumbai

Kate Sheahan- October 31, 2016

By Kate Sheahan In a city of 12 million people, addressing some of the world's most polarising issues might seem like a huge task. These ... Read More

The danger next door: malnutrition on Mumbai’s doorstep

Anna Levy- October 31, 2016

By Anna Levy Just three hours drive away from Mumbai, child malnutrition has hit a record high. With hundreds of deaths occurring every year, authorities ... Read More

Radio documentary: That Time of the Month

Anna Levy- October 24, 2016

By Anna Levy Shame. We’ve all felt it. In most cases, the everyday shame we feel is usually because of what we’ve done, but what ... Read More

Cheques and Balances

Maxwell Rowley- October 22, 2016

By Maxwell Rowley Whether you're in a tourist hotspot or local neighbourhood in Mumbai, street vendors are never far from sight. From fresh fruits and ... Read More

Ekta Wassan on the ABC’s of Indian etiquette

Kate Sheahan- October 18, 2016

By Kate Sheahan Hidden inside the Hyatt Regency hotel in Mumbai is the bespoke academy of style in India, the Wasan Knowledge Hub. The finishing ... Read More

The Cows of Mumbai

Claudia Farhart- October 18, 2016

By Claudia Farhart When you first arrive in Mumbai, you’ll notice a lot of things that seem a touch odd. The absolute lack of beef ... Read More

Amedkar Road

Bridget Sloan- October 17, 2016

by Bridget Sloan In a city of almost 22 million people, one grows accustomed to expecting the unexpected. But throughout my travels in Mumbai, one ... Read More

Preparing Idols for Dusara Navratri Festival

Michael Brunott- October 16, 2016

By Michael Brunott Preparing idols for Dusara Navratri https://vimeo.com/187296242 Read More

Welcome to Bhatan

Sarah Matthews- October 16, 2016

By Sarah Matthews Around three years ago on the outskirts of Mumbai, a large, modern, university was built in the middle of a community of ... Read More

The Music of Mumbai

Sarah Matthews- October 16, 2016

By Sarah Matthews     On the local trains of Mumbai, a group of twenty, thirty or even more men gather together to sing and ... Read More

An Unnatural Offence: Criminalising India’s sexual minorities

Michael Brunott- October 16, 2016

By Michael Brunott As industry and Indian lives are bettered by opportunities and devices brought by the wave of the new technology revolution, the rights ... Read More