Franzisca Weder- November 4, 2020

Sustainability is a wicked or blurry concept that is (over- or even ab-)used in political and corporate communication. Individuals find the concept hard to understand ... Read More

Woven in the Wind

Vanessa Bartholomew- September 26, 2018

Discovering the fabrics and faces of Jaipur's Hawa Mahal Bazaar. Read the story here: Woven in the Wind Read More

Jaipur: The Orange City

Shirley Luy- September 26, 2018

Jaipur, best known as India's pink city, is speckled with copper orange tones. Read the full story here. Read More

A Place of Reflection

Julia Enchelmaier- September 26, 2018

When you look around Jaipur it soon becomes evident that it is inevitable to see the reflection of the vibrant colours in architecture, dress and ... Read More

Who thought being a foreign correspondent could be this much fun?

Bruce Woolley- September 27, 2017

  Twenty UQ journalism students, two staff, four days of travel through three different countries, seven days of reporting in Jaipur India, and more than ... Read More

Ondel-ondel and a modern Jakarta

Elora Ghea- May 21, 2017

Indonesia has a diverse legacy of art and culture. One subset of this is Betawi culture from Jakarta. The Betawi traditional artform of Ondel-ondel has ... Read More

The beef with Indonesia’s meat policy

Timothy Swanston- April 22, 2017

Indonesia's impressive economic growth in recent years has been coupled with a rapid expansion of its middle class, a group of consumers who have a ... Read More

Anies wins Jakarta Governor Elections after bitter campaign

Justin Lillecrapp- April 22, 2017

After a bitter and tense campaign that divided the city of Jakarta voters took to the polls to decide their new Governor. "UQ in Indonesia" ... Read More

50 years of inala – presentation

courtney Barnes- January 25, 2021

Chloe Cufflin JacDigital The University of Queensland Chloe Cufflin reports on the suburb of #Inala. Situated in southwest Brisbane, it's home to the largest Vietnamese ... Read More

The Old Windmill: A Mode of Torture – Episode from ‘A Lifetime Ago’ podcast series

courtney Barnes- January 25, 2021

Chloe Cufflin Listen to the second episode of the 'A Lifetime Ago' podcast series, The Old Windmill: A Mode of Torture. This episode looks at ... Read More

Cinemas and the pandemic

courtney Barnes- January 25, 2021

Dan O'Sullivan reports on the issues local cinemas are presented with in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, including social distancing restrictions and the lack ... Read More

Emergency food relief program

courtney Barnes- January 25, 2021

Aiden Taylor Emergency Food Relief Program is run by the #Inala Centre of Excellence. This video was produced by Aiden Taylor, and filmed by Shaina ... Read More

Rugby league and connecting community

courtney Barnes- January 25, 2021

Finn Morton reports from Inala about the importance Rugby League has played a part in connecting the community over the many years. #Rugbyleague QRL - ... Read More

Hobby stores growth during lockdown

courtney Barnes- January 25, 2021

Mackenzie Prentis #COVID19 has forced many people to look at ways to entertain themselves during lockdown. #Hobby stores have seen an array of products fly ... Read More

Dr Helen Marshall – fascinating and accomplished creative writers.

courtney Barnes- January 25, 2021

Freya Jensen The University of Queensland is home to one of the world’s most fascinating and accomplished creative writers. But don’t pigeonhole Dr Helen Marshall, ... Read More

Homelessness in the Redlands

courtney Barnes- January 25, 2021

Aryana Mohmood This story will explore this issue in the Redlands through the lens of the work that the Redland Community Centre does. The stories ... Read More

The history and essence of the Inala Art Gallery

courtney Barnes- January 25, 2021

Tania McIntosh reports on the history and essence of the Inala Art Gallery, a non-profit organisation provides a space for art and other cultural activities ... Read More

Christopher’s Story: Homophobia in the School Yard

Bella Schwarzenecker- December 1, 2020

"I was part of a school community that made fun of every single personality trait I had. This made me question who I was. But ... Read More

Anna: Solving plastic pollution, you are not alone

Ho Ching Sei- November 17, 2020

Plastic pollution is a key issue of sustainability that has been discussed for many years. It is hard to solve, and it is a long-term ... Read More