Tag: Environment

Why is it so hard to create change?

Sarah Richards- November 3, 2020

https://soundcloud.com/sarah-richards-142707158/why-is-it-so-hard-to-create-change Australia currently ranks 37th in progress towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Our low ranking is a result of our poor environmental initiatives. So, ... Read More

A Wish from the Earth, a Change from Its Inhabitants

Sherrish Serafinna Tanudirdjo- October 30, 2020

  Music can speak beyond languages, moving hearts and souls from different backgrounds. I wrote this in hopes of creating a song that encourages sustainability ... Read More

Finding fresh air in The Big Durian

Holly Richardson- June 1, 2018

In the midst of Jakarta, the capital of the fourth most populated country in the world, fresh air is hard to find. As the city ... Read More

The loneliest taxidermist: how Dr Santosh Gaikwad is fighting to save the legacy of India’s wildlife

John Ballot- October 14, 2016

By John Ballot When India’s last Siberian tiger died in the Himalayan hill station of Nianital, park rangers knew there was only one person in ... Read More

Toowoomba locals still waiting for Council to clean up

Natalie Linsdell- September 15, 2011

Toowoomba residents are still waiting on the council to clear away the debris and repair the Jellicoe Street Bridge Read More

UQ grad help endangered lemurs

Richard Coombs- September 3, 2011

Is living in a tent and recording the movements of lemur's what you pictured to do when you graduate? It is for one recent UQ ... Read More