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The Dark Third – Even As the Light Grows Review

Joseph Melican- September 13, 2018

Even As the Light Grows in the debut album release from Auckland, New Zealand progressive rock band The Dark Third. Formed originally in 2013 by ... Read More

The Music of Mumbai

Sarah Matthews- October 16, 2016

By Sarah Matthews     On the local trains of Mumbai, a group of twenty, thirty or even more men gather together to sing and ... Read More

Brisbane’s music it is a-changing

Alice Smith- November 5, 2012

Music venues are closing and musicians are having to work harder and smarter to be able to support their rock and roll dreams. Read More

New bar gives Brisbane something to sing about

Alice Smith- October 21, 2012

The Southside Tea Room is the new place to go for intimate live music shows. The owners, members of prominent Brisbane band The Grates, bring ... Read More

Brisbane music ain’t dead

Mitchell.Fresta- October 19, 2012

For the past decade, the Brisbane music, art and culture scene has been looked upon by many cities within Australia and around the world as ... Read More

Band and DJ numbers outweigh demand

Simeon Lawson- October 18, 2012

DJ's and bands are struggling to stay financially viable as venue closures force greater competition for limited gigs. Read More

Newman boosts arts funding

Simeon Lawson- September 20, 2012

The 2012/13 state budget includes an arts funding increase, as Campbell Newman encourages revised support from the arts community. Read More

Inside Straight Edge

Kathleen Green- November 7, 2011

Straight Edge is a subculture that bases itself around hardcore music. People who are Edge do not consume alcohol; they don’t smoke, do drugs or ... Read More

Brisbane students create latest lifestyle app

Thomas Nall- September 15, 2011

It seems that mobile applications are few and far between these days. However every now and then a gap in the market appears and all ... Read More

Is the festival party over?

Chris Smith- September 8, 2011

Music festivals have become staple of the Australian summer. But with a tough economy is 2011 going to be a bummer summer for festival promoters? Read More

Everyone needs a posse

Sarah Cann- September 8, 2011

Posse, an innovative online street team platform, will be introduced to a mass audience tomorrow at Brisbane's BIGSOUND music conference. Read More