Tag: UQ in Jakarta 2018

Chinese Indonesians: A Human Narrative

Shi Pui Ng- June 13, 2018

From the biblical plight of Jews to Canaan, to the Vietnamese diaspora across the globe in the 1970’s, oppression has always been a part of ... Read More

The Iron Wing: An Indonesian Political Firestorm

Chantelle Bringas- June 3, 2018

You may not be interested in politics, but politics will certainly take an interest in you. Please click to view Read More

The Making of a Foreign Correspondent: UQ in Jakarta 2018

Bruce Woolley- April 10, 2018

Fifteen journalism students are in Indonesia this month to learn how to become foreign correspondents during a field-reporting trip. They have researched a wide range ... Read More

Kitty Kitty Bang Bang

Shi Pui Ng- April 9, 2018

Hot, humid, pungent. The vibrant streets of Jakarta can be beautiful and full of life. Read More