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Wild nights in the Valley

Mark Lord- November 5, 2012

Can government intervention and a Drink Safe Precinct curb Fortitude Valley's wild ways? Read More

Valley drink safe precinct welcomed

Mark Lord- October 21, 2012

The trafic tale of Jillian Meagher serves as a timely reminder of the hidden dangers that can come from a night on the town. Read More

3am lockout ‘bad legislation’

Gretel French- October 20, 2012

The effect of the Fortitude Valley’s 3am lockout legislation remains in question as patrons voice their discontent Read More

Brisbane music ain’t dead

Mitchell.Fresta- October 19, 2012

For the past decade, the Brisbane music, art and culture scene has been looked upon by many cities within Australia and around the world as ... Read More

Bouncers: ‘a symbol of public trust’

Joshua Campbell- October 18, 2012

For as long as pub and hotel security has existed in Australia, skirmishes between patrons and 'bouncers' have been reported. Read More

Fortitude Valley safer as trial nears completion

Gretel French- October 3, 2012

A decrease of violent incidences in the Valley suggests that safety strategies will become permanent. Read More

Kaliber rolls with the punches

Mark Lord- September 20, 2012

Claudia Bordini, owner of veteran nightclub Kaliber, dishes the dirt on violence and versatility in Fortitude Valley. Read More

Weekends are no party for emergency workers

Joshua Campbell- September 19, 2012

It's 3am on a Saturday morning in Fortitude Valley and droves of rowdy, alcohol-fuelled youngsters line the streets. As the masses jostle for position in ... Read More

Easton Pearson gives Gen Y a slice of their fashion pie

Sam Aldenton- September 3, 2011

Easton Pearson is the latest design house to open up a pop up shop for their diffusion line EP by Easton Pearson in Brisbane’s Fortitude ... Read More