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COMU3150 Assignment 1 – Promotional Culture in Video Games David Tang 47389036

David Tang- August 17, 2023

  https://vimeo.com/855249768?share=copy https://vimeo.com/855249749?share=copy https://vimeo.com/855249693?share=copy Read More

Australia’s game-changing industry goes casual

Melissa Creber- October 31, 2012

Australia is on the frontier of a multi-billion dollar internationally recognised games industry, with the economic importance of interactive media games set to increase with ... Read More

When games invade reality

Laura Arnaud- October 20, 2012

Games are starting to invade reality and are becoming the medium for everyday life. Soon, life will be based on a reward system controlled by ... Read More

Developers prepare for game-making challenge

Matthew Dawe- September 23, 2012

Ashley Nilad-Rowe and Rocco Loria of Team Rockin' Moses This month Australian game developers will go head-to-head in the annual 48 Hour Game Making Challenge ... Read More

Is IOS dumbing down games?

Laura Arnaud- September 21, 2012

The Brisbane gaming industry seems to be taking new directions since the emergence of the constantly growing IOS market. Professionals seem to have different views ... Read More

Young director keeps studio ahead of the game

Melissa Creber- September 20, 2012

Smart decisions are the way to survive in Brisbane’s gaming industry and few know this better than BiFrost Studio director Dani Chaney. Read More

Games industry set to hit new heights

Ashley Ang- October 31, 2011

The games industry has long played second fiddle to larger entertainment industries like films and music, but it hasn’t looked back since drastically outpacing both ... Read More

R18+ rating for videogames may change industry

Brhiannon Stokes- September 12, 2011

The proposed R18+ rating for videogames will see changes to the gaming industry. Read More