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McDonald’s Social Media Promotion Culture

Yue Zhou- August 18, 2023

McDonald's Promotional Tools on Social Media In the context of globalisation, McDonald's has established a reasonably stable presence in the Chinese market. However, the fast ... Read More

“Thrill” blind box & “Surprise” blind box

Yawen Huang- August 18, 2023

 Blind Box Culture “Surprise boxes”are mainly consumed by young people because they contain anime, film and television peripherals, and fashion items and are favored by ... Read More

COMU3150 Muhammad Caesar Satyadeka (47101470) – Pre-Orders and Promotional Culture

Muhammad Caesar Satyadeka- August 19, 2022

Objectives The objective of this project is to hopefully start a discussion on the market practices of pre-orders in gaming, to do this a 3-minute ... Read More

Unpacking the #CleanGirlAesthetic through the lens of Promotional Culture

Briana Williams 45376461- August 19, 2022

TikTok has rapidly scaled to be one of the world's fastest growing and most downloaded apps, with gen z through to boomers downloading, engaging and ... Read More

P.Palette Studio Unboxing- promotional culture

Kitty Tang- August 27, 2021

Music by SingtoConlet- Who you live for @hellothematic Hello everyone, today I will be discussing promotional culture while I unbox my stationery set from P.Palette ... Read More

Symbiosis: Religion and Culture in India.

Tobias Jurss-Lewis- October 24, 2018

It seems strange, to an Australian, the marriage of religion and culture. But India's history is expansive and the involvement of religion therein is undeniable. Through ... Read More

Beneath the Rainbow

Lachlan Grant- October 24, 2018

This documentary highlights the lack of accessible LGBTQI health support services for members of the community living in rural India and Australia. You can watch ... Read More

India’s way forward

Georgia Schefe- October 24, 2018

A documentary about the importance and prevalence of the English language throughout India. https://youtu.be/0QSvaL5Zd1U     Read More

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

Kirsty Slemint- September 26, 2018

There is a green revolution spreading throughout the world’s cities and Jaipur is no exception. The movement of people towards cities has accelerated significantly in ... Read More

Price of Money

James McManagan- September 26, 2018

The streets of Jaipur's 'Old City' - or 'Pink City'- are drenched with colourful market stalls and crowded shopfronts. Storeowners and street merchants screaming "Ricky ... Read More

Aavaara Kutta

Emily Steinhardt- September 26, 2018

In the pink city of Jaipur, man's best friend has become a nuisance. More than 70 complaints are made to the Jaipur Municipal Corporation each ... Read More