Investigative journalism pieces produced by students at School of Journalism and Communication at The University of Queensland.

YouTube’s Merch Shelf : Bridging Promotional Culture and Content Creation

Zekai Zheng- August 18, 2023

YouTube's Merch Shelf Bridging Promotional Culture and Content Creation Read More

Christopher’s Story: Homophobia in the School Yard

Bella Schwarzenecker- December 1, 2020

"I was part of a school community that made fun of every single personality trait I had. This made me question who I was. But ... Read More

The Rise of Malaria in Australia Explained

Will Atkins- May 14, 2019

Malaria in Australia Between 1991 and 2014, cases of malaria in Australia declined. But according to data from the NNDSS, the National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance ... Read More

Prison officers at risk as Queensland’s prison population soars

Ana Vujanic- September 19, 2018

As the Queensland prison population continues to rise, it is those who serve to protect the community that are increasingly at risk. The commissioner of ... Read More

The Iron Wing: An Indonesian Political Firestorm

Chantelle Bringas- June 3, 2018

You may not be interested in politics, but politics will certainly take an interest in you. Please click to view Read More

The Pathway To Equality – Disability Accessibility In Jakarta, Indonesia

Chloe Mabb- June 3, 2018

In the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, a lack of accessibility is still a daily reality for the city’s disability community. Yet,  damaged pathways, a lack ... Read More

Children of the City

Anastasia White- October 25, 2017

Walk down the streets of Jaipur, visit its palaces and temples, and you’ll see them - performing magic shows, offering red forehead painting to tourists, ... Read More

Deafening Silence

Maegan Gillespie- October 19, 2017

India's children are facing an epidemic of abuse, with 53% of Indian children having experienced sexual abuse. Yet the people are silent, government initiatives are ... Read More

“I don’t know what that is”

Maegan Gillespie- October 19, 2017

India's ignorance surrounding autism, a spark exploration into the impact stigma has on autistic children in India.   Read More

WHAT DOES FEMINISM MEAN TO YOU? A Visual Podcast in Jaipur

Michelle Zhu- October 17, 2017

Intersectional feminism means the inclusion and representation of different identities and voices from all cultures. This podcast is an exploration of what feminism means to ... Read More

Head vs Heart

Maya Fellows- October 16, 2017

Are we willing to have our organs harvested when we die? What if that choice  (more…) Read More